Jun. 16th, 2009 06:44 pm
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I just took the final. I hadn't really studied as much as I intended to, but I made a 99, so oh well. My average for the whole class was 98.5.

I started to put "sorta" after the "Done!" in the title, because I can't really take any time off to celebrate - I took too darn long getting through this thing. Now I need to go through the rest of Anatomy fast, and never mind if I don't make an A because it's not actually required anyway. (If I hadn't already paid for it I'd be tempted to skip it entirely.)
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I don't have the energy right now to write a real entry, but for a giggle you can go read [ profile] glvalentine 's reassembling of a British movie called The Secret of Moonacre that is apparently not going to be released in the US. (And, um, I guess I can sort of see why. Interesting cast, though!)

I am studying for my final. That is all.
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Here is how I study. This class I'm taking now is "online" - mostly meaning that the tests are online and you do all your studying out of the book. So I've had to adjust the way I finally learned to study in college, which was to take notes as fast as I could write in class (I had a whole system of abbreviations, as I recall, although I couldn't tell you what they were any more) and then I would come home and REwrite them in understandable English - preferably soon after class before I forgot what all the abbreviations meant. As time went on I decided that the writing and rewriting process was where my brain learned things best, so that became a definite part of my routine - at least when I had time to do all of that. So what I'm doing now for medical terminology is pretty similar, except just that there is no initial lecture to take notes on, I just have to take notes out of the book, lots of them. Lots as in, I've filled up two (smallish) notebooks already and am starting on #3. Then I take all the definitions that I've copied down and put them into an Excel spreadsheet - can you get any geekier? - it has four or five tabs - words, roots, prefixes, suffixes, and terms (meaning technical terms and abbreviations and other stuff that doesn't fit well elsewhere). I will have a nice little mini-medical dictionary when I'm done. The rest of the notes I've been putting into OneNote when I get around to it. That doesn't seem as helpful as the definitions part, though.

The chapter on the lungs has turned out to be easier, much easier than the last one, which makes sense since they did say that last test was the hardest one. The chapter on blood had a lot of concepts that were pretty much new to me, like many types of blood cells, not just red and white but broken down into a whole bunch of subcategories, like granular and agranular leukocytes, eosinophils, basophils, neutrophils. It was quite a lot of stuff to take in. The lungs are easier because everybody's had some kind of lung disease in their life - colds, flu, vaccines for pertussis and diphtheria - and the flu - TB tests - and then there's bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma.... you may not have had all of those but you know people who have! And you see those drug commercials on TV all the time for drugs for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - aka COPD - and asthma and some of these others, too. Respiratory diseases are just much more a part of people's normal lives than some of this other stuff, much as we may wish they weren't.
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OK, so it's 3am and I just took the hardest test in my medical terminology class (blood and lymph and circulation and the heart, a big chunk of material there) and I made a 94 so woot! I really meant to take the test either earlier today or wait until tomorrow, but I was sitting here going over my notes and my little flash cards that I made and stuff, and all of a sudden I couldn't stand it any more and I had to go get it over with. (And the good thing about online classes is that you have the choice of doing such a thing!) It turned out that they give you two chances on this test, which tells you that people have been screwing it up, because normally you only get one. So that took a little stress out of it. There were a couple of questions that were confusing but not really anything I didn't know. They did not ask the difference between a thrombus and an embolus, which disappointed me because I realized earlier today that I didn't know the difference and I went and looked them both up and sat and looked at the definitions until I figured it out. (Basically, a thrombus is a clot. An embolus is an obstruction which can be a clot or can be something else, like an air bubble, or marrow, or whatever. And a thrombocyte is a cell which clots, i.e., a platelet.) Anyway, clearly I had enough of it in my head to pass the test so I am out of the woods on that one.

See, I am having to run on about this to get it out of my brain so that I will be able to go to sleep in the next hour (or hopefully less) - my brain is running 90 miles an hour and it won't shut up on command. Now tomorrow I get to start on respiration and digestion, very exciting.

I did have a head start on the subject of hearts, a bit, because of having been to the cardiologist yearly forever and ever (well, not recently but ALL of my childhood) and having had heart surgery and all that, so I had a handle on more of the vocabulary than the average person, I think. I had congenital pulmonary valve stenosis, which was diagnosed when I was a baby and was corrected (long, long ago) when I was 12. I have had two cardiac caths and a echocardiogram and god-knows-how-many EKGs and chest x-rays and all that stuff. I spent an entire day every year at UTMB running from one department to another to get all that stuff done, from the time I was three until I was in college. (After that they let me cut it down to every two or three years.)

Anyway, I will shut up now and go to bed. G'night!
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So am I the only person in the universe (or, well, the geekier part of the universe, anyway) who hasn't read the Watchmen graphic novel and thus doesn't really care about what they changed? I'm really starting to wonder.

I spent the afternoon at Starbuck's studying, and it was a much more productive afternoon than most of mine have been lately. As many people have noted ahead of me, it's way too easy to get distracted at home. I am going to have to drag my butt out of the house much more often, because one of these days I'm actually going to have to get a job, whether I manage to get certified before then or not. So I seriously need to get cracking on the studying.

I took a jewelry class this week. I only got one pair of earrings (out of four) actually finished in the class, because I was sort of slow getting the hang of the technique, but I finally did, more or less, and I can now actually make wrapped loops. Which is something I've been meaning to learn for ages. So yay me. (I did finish a really pretty kyanite bracelet unrelated to the class, only it's too long so I'm going to end up redoing it. I will try to remember to take some pictures of that sooner or later. These are the pretty beads, though, because I doubt that many of you know offhand what kyanite looks like!)

(Except Elise, of course, assuming she reads my journal, which I have no idea about, either way.) Which brings me to informing you that [ profile] elisem   is having a sale. Shiny stuff!! She's already got some really good markdowns up there and she hadn't even gotten to the new stuff, last I looked. I should probably refrain from looking again at all, lest I find something that calls to me. (Fat chance, on that refraining thing. I should know better than even to suggest that. Like I have a bone of self-control in my body.)

I'm sure we will go see Watchmen at some point this weekend, unless something else interesting pops up or somebody manages to convince us that it is Teh Evil, or something. I know I'm not going to run out and see Last House on the Left.

And... speaking of self-control or the lack thereof, you guys are lucky I haven't had an Ambien yet, or the odds are good that this would end up being a seriously-TMI post about my sex life, rather than just the random bits and pieces. But I haven't, so I will behave. I'm trying not to embarass myself unduly.


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